Ready Set Ballet (Monday)  This class is for 3 and 4 year old students.  Term 3 is ten weeks for this class.

Ready Set Ballet MONDAY - 4.00 pm to 4.30pm

  • A 30 minute magical ballet experience for 3 to 5 year olds. Our teachers will lead our little dancers through each step of the class as they learn the fundamentals of ballet.

    MUSIC – Engage in specifically designed music that captures the beauty of classical ballet

    CURRICULUM – Develop coordination, body awareness, strength and flexibility both through visual and auditory instruction.

    MIME – Explore creativity and gain confidence by riding the tutu train to storybook lane and so much more.

    THEMED DANCES – Learn the beautifully themed dances that have music prompts to support preschooler’s playful participation.

    PROPS – Have fun twirling with rainbow ribbons, swaying with feathers and popping bubbles. These resources support tactile awareness and strengthen fine motor coordination and control.