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Classical Ballet

Our ballet classes are based on our curriculum which has influences from the Russian, French, English and Italian styles of classical dance .  The classes consist of barre and centre practice, as well as some national character dancing and free movement exercises.  


Students who wish to take examinations are required to attend a minimum of two ballet classes per week as well as workshops and mock exams.  Exams are available through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD).  Exams are not compulsory, and we also welcome students who wish to take ballet classes for fun, fitness and the enjoyment of dance.


Contemporary dance is a genre of expressive dance that is underpinned by a solid foundation in classical ballet technique. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through the continuous search for new movement patterns, forms and dynamics. The goal of a contemporary dance class is to prepare the mind and body of the dancer for a wide range of movement possibilities: forms, qualities or dynamics.

Contemporary dance can be performed to many different styles of music and may deal with abstract concepts or portray a storyline.


The ATOD Contemporary syllabus provides an innovative and carefully structured contemporary/modern system of training. Students will have the opportunity to complete contemporary examinations.


Jazz is a continually changing and evolving genre encompassing many styles such as Broadway, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Funk and Lyrical to name a few.


The new Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) system of training encompasses all styles from foundation Jazz to the very latest moves.  Our classes incorporates, but are not limited to, a comprehensive warm-up, stretches, floor and corner work, turns, kicks and jumps, historical steps, up to the minute moves, combinations, progressions and dances.

Students will have the opportunity to complete jazz examinations.


We follow the Perfect Pointe Program written by Lisa Howell, Dance Physiotherapist.  We focus on safe dance and strong technique to ensure that the students' transition to pointe work is as rewarding as possible.  Students can begin their 'pre-pointe' work a year before dancing in pointe shoes to build the necessary strength required. Students who progress to the vocational levels of Intermediate Foundation and beyond are required to perform 'en pointe' in their exams. 

Ready Set Dance

Ready Set Ballet

READY SET DANCE is a combo class of jazz, tap, hip hop, singing and music, and a whole lot of fun!

The program caters for two levels, 2-3 years and 4-5 years.

JAZZ – Develop muscle strength, control and balance and achieve coordination milestones like skipping before going to school.

HIP HOP – Bust out some ice cold moves just like Freeze to our original hip hop tracks.

MUSIC – Develop the musical ear, dynamics and tempo while having fun with instruments and the parachute.

SINGING – Sing like Twirl and build confidence singing on the microphone

TAP – Learn the fundamentals of tap in a playful and creative way splashing in puddles and shuffling like a penguin.

All these ingredients together create a super class of fun!

Our Programs

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The Royal Academy of Dance

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Ballet, Contemporary & Jazz Syllabi

The Perfect Pointe Program


Ready Set Dance & 
Ready Set Ballet